Local Net

Everyone is welcome to check into the local net on 146.790 each night at 8:30PM.  On Sunday night we encourage everyone to check into the Anderson/Abbeville county ARES/RACES Skywarn Hearts net.

To make contact with Net Control, please program your radio to the frequency of 146.790 with an offset of -000.600.  As a common courtesy, the Net Control will ask for users to check-in and follow-up to ensure the information is correct.  Please stand by to confirm that Net Control has received all of your information.  Thanks!

Nightly Nets (2-Meter)

                Sunday –ARES/RACES/SCHEART/SKYWARN- Anson Hawkins KN4UPY

                Monday – John Seigler KF4CKT

                Tuesday – Marion McMillan KO4HJO

                Wednesday Russell Myrick KN4TUI

                Thursday – Jennifer Sontag KN4PZB

                Friday Sue Fuller Pickens W3SUE / Linda Williams KB3KVU

                Saturday Rich Shalayda K4NWX


ARES Nets (HF)

               1st & 3rd Mondays @1800 Hrs. SC ARES – 3.993.5 Mhz

Can you substitute as a back up Net Control Operator if a regular weekly Net Control Operator will be absent? Or can you volunteer on a weekly basis as an ARC’s Net Control Operator?

If you can help, please email Jennifer Sontag .